Finally, a way to take hair color maintenance into your own hands.


Our glosses were formulated to give you salon-grade results without having to leave the comfort of your own shower.

Benefits of glossing

Glossing helps to tone out unwanted pigment in color, leaving hair looking even and well-blended as if you just left the salon. It also adds shine, conditions and refreshes richness in pigment that has faded.

Why our glosses?

Salon-Grade Results

Unlike glazes or toning conditioners, our glosses were created with the same potency as the treatment you'd receive in the salon.

Saves Money

This service can cost upwards of $100 in the salon, plus 20% gratuity! Glossing from home cuts that cost in more than half.

Fewer Salon Visits

Glossing can help to extend the longevity of your color, meaning you'll spend less time having to physically show up for appointments.

How it started

Nous Haircare was founded by high-end colorist, Tylor Johnson, as a way to bring innovation to the way that we maintain our hair both in and out of the salon. As a hair colorist for over 12 years all over the country, Tylor realized that there was no easy, efficient or fool-proof way to keep color looking fresh and revitalized from home. This idea was further emphasized when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and her clients were unable to physically attend in-person appointments and needed a way to maintain their color without desperately turning to box-dyes or other DIY methods.

With the ever-changing world around us, Nous Haircare gives clients an opportunity to take more control of their color maintenance without having to spend time and money at the salon. At Nous, we continue to strive to change the way that we look at our haircare routines as a whole.

It's time to reimagine the way we look at our haircare routines.

- Tylor Johnson, Founder + CEO

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Sold out

Gloss with us!

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